In Northern Nicaragua where war and weather (Hurricane Mitch) destroyed acres of rural fertile farmland the Sandy Murray project director Osman Rivas, has created a sustainable business education center. His program helps men from funding,design,implementation, marketing and community involvement to greater productivity and community building. And within the year each participant works, studies and practices new skills and methods both participant and community benefit economically. All participants to date have gained enough profit to repay the education grant at the end of their business education.

Our money serves as the laboratory segment of a one year business education focused on individual needs, talents and skills in the mountains of Nicaragua devastated by the military action between the Contra’s and the dictatorship of the mid to late twentieth century and the disastrous hurricane that followed. The SMMF project works in cooperation with a local women’s cooperative and University business students in Ocotal and the Peace Corp volunteers serving this area. With some of the returned funds equipment and education materials have enhanced the learning experience.

Barri and Roger have visited the project two years in a row and community leaders of sent many thanks back to our Board for their ongoing support.