Here are some resources we support and think that you too will find many challenges, ideas and ways to make a difference.

SMMF is a few dedicated volunteers and tiny grant funds. However, listening, looking a doing multiply those small resources. These are a few of the friends of SMMF met during projects around the world where we think that a little support from us can do big things. We hope you might wish to learn about them as we have. It’s the good news page of our website.

Grupo Fenix

In the small village of Sabana Grande in Totogalpa, Nicaragua, 200 families support community and growth by living in the sun. They’ve turned the destroyed and deforested hills after the 1970-80s wars and hurricane ‘Mitch’ into productive land, encompassing a community restaurant, heated homes, healthy cooking and pure water. And this energetic people work side-by-side with men women and children that come to learn how working with the sun has renewed their homeland. Adelante en Sol! Google Sabana Grande for oodles of pictures.
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Izilwane – Voices for bio Diversity, brings to you the work of earth conscious pioneers showing us how learning to value and preserve our home ‘mother earth’ and her children is the way to value and preserve ourselves. Without attention to balance and care, the loss of the diverse species will be our loss. See, learn, and contribute to the living magazine at your fingertips.
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University of New Mexico Peace Studies

University of New Mexico offers an interdisciplinary program in Peace Studies. It spans a wide range of programs, classes and topics to create wonderful opportunities to learn online, on campus and abroad. Visit the UNM web site and follow a path to Peace Studies, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Health Studies, Women’s Studies, Sustainability Program, or go directly to Peace Studies itself.
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