The Chicken & the Egg

Sukhumi 1999

eggs-in-basketFood supply in a rural community devastated by war must be replaced on the damaged land. And after destruction of buildings, crops and equipment not much remains. SMMF helped a small rural villager outside the city of Sukhumi on the Black Sea to provide chicken and eggs for his family and neighbors. The money granted to him supplied him with some draught resistant seed and an incubator from which he could begin a business of supplying chickens and eggs. No matter which is first, the chicken or the egg, the solution for this farmer was to supply both as rapidly as possible.

People want above most else to stay in their home; yet after war lack of human needs frequently force them to be displaced. In many of the rural areas in Georgia and Abkhazia hundreds of thousands were displaced, expelled or fled from homes where they’d spent their lives. Our project with the chicken farmer demonstrates just how basic their needs really are. Substance, shelter and security. Every tiny grant helps in these almost forgotten remnants of war.