Harry R Lewis, Esq.

Harry has been on the Board since the beginning, provided legal counsel for our development at a non-profit organization, and he traveled to see our projects in the Caucasus with President, Barri Sanders. Harry’s been a champion of living wages for all, provided pro-bono legal help for Mexican farm workers, and supported environmental protection! He speaks clearly for the mission of providing opportunity for men on their journey from violence to peace.

Suzanne O’Hatnick

Suzanne is a tireless campaigner against violence. She spent a year helping build peace in the Balkans, directed Baltimore’s international visitors programs, and spearheads efforts to eliminate torture whether international or here at home in America’s prisons. As a Board Member she too visited Georgia with Barri for a first hand look at post – Soviet conflict recovery programs.

Margery Ferrar

Margery is a charter Board Member. She introduced Barri to many of the issues that helped focus SMMF post-war missions and services in the Caucasus. As a former Legislative Assistance to the late Congressman Tom Lantos, Margery traveled globally and saw just how small initiatives could make a huge difference.

Andrew Sanders

Andrew, son of Douglas Sanders (Sandy) and brother of SMMF founder Roger,
lends his skilled observation and financial knowledge to each of the direct projects funded by SMMF. He continues to keep the mission in sight as he watches how organization specific activities further develop our big picture.

Linda Moscarella

Linda has been a tireless volunteer for local, state and national issues. She has served the League of Women Voters at state and national level, taught democracy for women in Nigeria, and was an election monitor in the Balkans. Her understanding of citizen partnerships for nonviolence has helped guide SMMF community work.

Debra Day

Debra, daughter of Barri, granddaughter of Morris Wilner (Murray) has replaced Beatrice Wilner, Murray’s widow, who died in 2012. Debra sees the world while teaching people handling radioactive materials how to do so safely and in accordance with international regulations. She has worked in national security with a background in both human behavior and policing; and she remembers the lessons of responsibility learned from her grandfather.