The news from SMMF this month comes from Nicaragua. After two consecutive years of small donations, during year one men of the town of Ocotal helped rehabilitate a facility for pregnant women to live during the end of their third trimester and await delivery in the only regional hospital. The surrounding area is rural and has no transportation so the women must spend the last few weeks of their pregnancy in town nearer the hospital.

Year two and three SMMF moved into the rural community of Mosonte also in Northern Nicaragua where between the Nicaraguan Civil Wars and nature’s destructive hurricane Mitch, economy was at a standstill. By converting SMMF funds into stipends for education a local University student and a Peace Corp Volunteer developed and implemented a rural, experiential education program. Small loans were given to selected individuals running small businesses provided they attend weekly educational classes. All year one investments increased participants business and were replaced in SMMF Education Fund at completion of the project.

SMMF has received a proposal to continue this experiential education concept by joining with the COOSMUDESOM (Cooperative of Mosonte) in order to reach more participants. The cooperative has a membership of 103 local residents able to participate. They proposed to SMMF that two senior business students from the University by selected to run weekly classes through the Cooperative in exchange for SMMF support for their books and transportation to the site and to University.

More from the site as the project matures